The works shown here are layouts I made for the following companies:

An upcoming hip and elegant aviation magazine.

Batangas Post
It’s a free monthly newsletter that’s distributed to promote tourism in the Southern Luzon region.

GWP (Great Women Project)
They are a non-goverment organization who have a lot of projects helping LGU’s and other women’s groups in empowering women throughout the country.

EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization)
EO is a group of very successful entrepreneurs all over the globe that have regional chapters where they offer support and development to their members in business and entrepreneurship.

(notes: the colors of the files are more vivid than what is shown here on the site because they probably adjust the images to make them easier to view, so just contact me [at the about page] if you’d like to see the original files)

Layout, Magazine, Cover, Dividers, Sheet, Spread